AboutThe Client


He is an entrepreneur and left a long career in his previous company to launch his most recent endeavour, the best part is he is an amazing person to work with.

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About this project


Anyone who loves travelling knows how cumbersome and time-consuming the process of finding, locating various places can be. Managing various things while travelling is a tedious process, therefore the client had an incredible concept to change the travelling experience for the better.

Incorporating the data for over 700 airports worldwide, all airport data is at your fingertips, including every airport map, so you will never be lost at or finding your terminal.

Approach to meet the challenge

Tired of this predicament, Alex came up with the idea to build a mobile app service that would primarily cater to tourists, help unburden them of issues like finding restaurants, shops etc. Having no prior app development experience, he approached us with this novel idea and sought our assistance in realizing this dream by developing an app solution that would be intuitive and quickly help him manage various transitions from users. We knew exactly how to make it happen in the best possible way.

Mood board & Strategy

Alex wanted iQuinceSoft to create an app that can help tourists forget about hassles and enjoy travelling while controlling things from their mobile devices.

Style Concepts

We began this journey with one aim: to create a solution that’s simple to use and minimalistic and focuses on swiftly resolving target audience’s problem while improving the travelling experience. So, we started off by using an idea-driven process that involved brainstorming, rapid prototyping to validate the UI & UX requirements and client’s creative brief without committing to a deep dive in the design and development ocean.

The strategy behind Travelade was to provide the users an easy and swift means to locate various places without having to ask or consult anyone. After an in-depth study of the challenges faced by the target audience and how we should go about in helping them out of this irritating and time-wasting problem by means of a minimalistic and pragmatic app solution.

Problem statement: Help users find and locate various places right from their mobile devices.

Design Thinking

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well, this is what iQuinceSoft follows for design integrations.

There is no development without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.

Strategy Proposition

A strategy that allowed the business growth of almost 45%

After we are done with the graphic design, we switched gears for the development part. Right from the start, our team was in contact to understand the core features that the client wanted. As the mobile app algorithm came into place, it went to many tweaks and overtime for further accuracy. iQuinceSoft initiated a team for research & prototyping the physical colour-changing strip iterated on its size, colouring, and shape.

For this reason, iQuinceSoft maintained a flexible approach, from time to time perfecting the algorithm as-needed basis. Our teams collectively joined forces and achieved project success. The focus was on the development of all the necessary functionalities that the application required for its users. The requirement was to run a series of tests that will synchronize with the latest uploads of data for various airports, restaurants, shops and pop-up to the users.