AboutThe Client


We have developed the website front end design as per the finalized graphics designs (home and inner pages).
While doing website programming, we always consider the user experience factors e.g. loading speed, navigation etc.


About this project


The discovery process included an in-depth analysis of their current site and identity, basic persona creation, and a competitive audit. During our initial discovery we took a deep dive to learn the goals and objectives of Bargain Purchases’ site redesign and understand the unique challenges particular to their brand.

UX Strategy

Old site contained a lot of content that wasn’t relevant to their new site goals, so the initial creation of the sitemap allowed us to strategize what a visitors’ experience should be at a very high level.

  • A concise overview of what Bargain Purchases does
  • What options they provide with products
  • An overview of product categories that Bargain Purchases needed
  • Amazing and easy checkout process


During the design phase, we were very intentional about the imagery, colours and fonts that we use. Throughout the design, we featured large, warm, emotive imagery to dispel the perception that products made out of banana leaves are not cool.



Increase in Avg. Time on Page


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in sales

Thanks to focused goals and a concentrated UX strategy, we were able to create a winning strategy to let the Bargain Purchases’ pet products shine through. The end result is a site that encouraged site visors to put on those amazing products and see the world differently. While Bargain Purchases is busy selling tons of products, we’re thrilled to have helped redesign their website.

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