AboutThe Client

Founded in November 2013 by trainee hairdressers and based in London, Be My Hair Model is the only dedicated platform that connects UK hairdressers and models. Whether a trim or a total make-over, Be My Hair Model offers hundreds of free or heavily discounted hair services.

Finally an easy way to do model hunting!

It’s raining cats and dogs, but you need a model for your training tomorrow. You have approached a dozen of people, but only one of them might be interested. You are too busy to spend two hours looking for potential models in front of Top shop.

You might start thinking that model hunting is not your thing!


  1. Know exactly what you need.

Before starting looking for potential models, gather all the information that you need. If you are a trainee hairdresser, check with your teacher what requirements your model should meet.

2.Where to find model online.

A platform like, which is entirely dedicated to hair model hunting, is a strong start.

You could also post ads on Facebook communities pages like “So Frenchie”, where French people posts anything that could benefits their community.

  1. Compose the perfect/successful ad.

Add as much information as a potential model would need. Upload relevant pictures with up to date styles. Posting adverts with old-fashioned pictures will definitely not attract trendy models. Take time to browse Google with strong key words.

Pinterest is a fantastic source of up to date styles. Get an account and follow trendy hair boards. Are you still looking for inspiring pictures? Browse the or galleries. You will find thousands of the latest styles.

Don’t forget to add your contact details:

If you don’t feel comfortable to give up your contact details, set up another email address and get a cheap sim card that you will be using exclusively for your models.

  1. Always ask for a picture

A model just answered your ad and is available for the service that you are offering? First step: ask for a portrait picture. By asking for a portrait picture, you will have an idea of the current hairstyle of the model, hair colour, length and thickness of the hair. The picture that you received is not clear enough? Feel free to ask for a better one. If you are planning to practice short haircuts, ask your model for front and back pictures. You need to make sure that you will have enough hair to work with.


About this project

We have been emerging as a giant web solution provider for past 5 years and this project has proved it again it has been spreading like wildfire in the UK. And serving as an amazing platform for two entities to meet and become extraordinary.

So if you are a model or a hairdresser check the absolutely fantastic patterns to get yourself hiked up:?

Client was a bit sceptical about going for someone who is based in India. But now our astonishing results speak for them. They were also not sure about the communication medium because we had a long distance gap and that added to our problems but when they contact us now for any other project or advise they always find it to be extremely feasible and appropriate.