AboutThe Client is independently owned and operated by XoomNet Inc, they are located in North Carolina. They have set out to offer their customers healthy organic and natural foods at competitive prices, while also providing the opportunity to buy at bulk discounts. My Organic Food Store is dedicated to offer outstanding service and customer satisfaction. From personal health for you and your family to environmentally friendly food connoisseurs, My Organic Food Store has all of your delectable edible necessities ready for shipment. Please feel free to browse our online store to see all of the wonderful delicacies available.

Their Vision

In the era of processed foods and the conveniences of drive through windows, They believe our customers should have the opportunity to have foods available that will help them lead a long and healthy life. Three key principles that maintain the basis of this commitment are as follows:

  • They exist to ensure essential health foods are the foundation of your diet.
  • Their commitment to quality is a commitment to your health.
  • Customer satisfaction is their primary objective and finding ways to accomplish it is vital.

Their Core Values

They obtained My Organic Food Store because They are passionate about organics. They believe organic food and natural products are better for our bodies, better for our communities and better for the planet. They also understand that everyone comes to organics differently. Their mission is to enable people to discover, explore and embrace an organic lifestyle in whatever way resonates with them. They know people choose organics for a variety of reasons and They’re here to support you in that journey by:

  • Supporting healthy living through providing high quality organic and eco-friendly products.
  • Creating positive and respectful relationships with customers, staff, vendors, suppliers and investors.
  • Developing and supporting a robust network of small, independent organic vendors committed to sustainable business practices.
  • Investing in our business, our staff and our community to create a sustainable future for us all.


About this project

This task was assigned to us because we know the best of food industry and they had a different concept to be delivered.
So we took on and with our indigenous efforts and constant feedback we had it delivered with extraordinary feature involvement.
As we all are aware that there are lots of chemicals being used in the conventional agricultural practices and hence, we are bound to consume those chemicals along with our foods. With organic farming and practices, there is no need to take these chemicals anymore and that is why we wanted it to be more attractive . Yes, in the certified agricultural operations, the use of synthetic pesticides is mostly avoided. Thus, when you choose organic foods, it means that you are avoiding these chemicals as well. This way, you can avoid the following symptoms that are being caused by the pesticides:

? Birth defects
? Obesity
? Diabetes

Not only the pesticides are causing the health issues but also additional antibiotics and/or hormones that are being added to the food products. In the organic meat, dairy products, and other animal products, there will be no additional antibiotics or growth hormones and hence, the risk of premature reproductive development and some other health conditions that are linked to synthetic hormones are prevented. No GMOs! Your organic foods don’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The GMOs which are released into the environment without proper studies may produce consequences to the human health and environment that are unknown. But, these risks can be avoided when you go for organics! Organic Farming Saves the Environment! This is true as the organic farming method could limit the effects of climatic changes. A research study which was conducted in the Rodale Institute has shown that the soil under organic farming practice could remove almost 7000 pounds of carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere every year. Now, imagine the impact of organic farming that could have in the environment when practiced in larger scales. Amazing, isn’t it?
So at the end we had it completed and delivered on time as promised and currently we are taking care of the market strategies as well. Check out the astonishing alignment of healthy food option: