AboutThe Client

“iCountMy” is an Android app which allow throngs to add friends from their different existing social media accounts like Facebook and share their personal moments with each other with one stub. With “iCountMy” one can create buzz about his/her burps, farts, love, smoke, drinks taken.This is not all, hold your heart, as there are more exciting features of “iCountMy”.

This app give you the ability to count and position your farts, burps, drink, love and share it with your friends.


About this project

Apps Feature:
Different position icons allow one to tell others about his/her posture while he/she farted, burped, made love, smoke or took a drink.

Reasons for all these actions can also be mentioned; like, if one farted due to burger then he/she can use burger’s icon to tell others about it; same goes for burp, love and etc.

Moreover, you can also count that how many burps you have taken or how many times you farted.

Once entry is made by one, his/her location will be displayed on the map and friends can promptly comment on one’s entry.

What are you waiting for?download this amazing app and let its trance surrounds you. This is just the beginning pals; there are many more features of “iCountMy” to come for you.

Meanwhile, you guys enjoy this and let us develop more enthralling features for you.