AboutThe Client


Mr. Kofi Amoa-Abban is a Ghanaian Oil and Gas entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Rigworld Group, an oil services business with operations across West Africa.

If you search with his name, you would be able to scale his legacy. We have been associated with him for quite some time and planning on various projects to dominate the market.

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About this project

Tracking your shipment and be there to receive it can be a hell of a job, not to mention time wasting adds up to misery. So our client wanted something that would reduce the stress to the minimum and make tracking the shipment as easy as sending an email.

We first created the web portal with required abilities and the response from users was overwhelming. We also knew, not everyone likes struggling with the website on their phones so the concept had to be cloned with mobile app.

Now you can follow the status of your cargo, boarding and landing of goods in real time. With this application, we seek to provide transparency, convenience and updated information that reflect our daily work dynamic, enabling more accurate planning for our clients. With this app users can schedule deliveries of various stuff like laptops, mobile, shoes, clothes, gaming console, keys and a lot more.

Users can schedule an urgent or last minute delivery within a few minutes. Just input what the parcel is, where it has to be picked up from and where it has to be delivered, that’s all. You will be sent a confirmation and within the next specified time consider your task done without any hassles. You won’t be bothered unless the delivery boy is lost and needs your help finding your home/office or store. In the mean time you can track your parcel from the app itself.

What you can do with it:
  • Track a shipment
  • Get transit times estimate
  • Push Notifications to get updates on shipments
  • Get quick rates and estimate delivery time
  • Track the status of a package
  • Scan a barcode for easy tracking
  • Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors and more
  • Find a freight forwarder location near you
  • Tracking History – User can store the tracking numbers they entered or scanned to view new status on shipment without reentry.
  • Freight Facilities – User can locate Freight location locations, it allows them to find the closest facilities to their location and get driving direction.
  • Contact Us – User can speak to or email Freight Customer Service specialist.
What platforms are there:

Our client has a huge market base and we didn’t want to disappoint a particular group of device users, therefore we have made it available on:

  • Web
  • Android
  • IOS