AboutThe Client

GalaNotes is your one stop shop when it comes to planning the details of your personal or commercial events. Whether you are planning your sweet sixteen, wedding, after-prom party or a corporate meeting, GalaNotes is committed to giving you a platform on which you can reach vendors and keep track of the details of your events.

About this project


During the discovery phase we performed a site audit, utilized questionnaires, dug deep to do a competitive analysis, sent out branding surveys, conducted user interviews, developed personas, and crafted a list of suggested improvements based off of the results. We found that despite their size and reputation as a event management firm, GalaNotes’s site design was described as boring, bland, and uninspiring by the users we came across and was a very poor reflection of who GalaNotes really is.

UX Strategy

Before applying any colour schemes or picking fonts, we focused on a major part of what makes a site works or not: the site architecture. Simplifying the main navigation to include the most requested areas of the site enhanced the user’s experience since they could now access these areas with just one click.

Wireframes enabled our UX team to lay out content that should be on a page to make sure that everything made sense and flowed. These wireframes were the keys to planning how the content needed to be structured to work.


Our approach during the design phase was to craft an experience that would engage the individual user, yet be fully functional to fill the needs of a multi-user base. To improve the design, we increased the amount of imagery on the site to make it more appealing visually and less text-overwhelming. We amped up the colours & typography to better represent the bold GalaNotes brand and increased the font size on the site, making text easier to read.

Some 20 page designs later, we were ready for development. The development and integration phase for this project was where a lot of the heavy lifting happened. It was exciting to see the product that we had spent so much time researching, planning, and designing come to life in the browser.

Since the site had been well-planned and strategized from the beginning, we didn’t encounter any “uh-oh” moments that would have required us to make major changes to the designs during development. Despite the redesigned site containing massive amounts of data, copy and images, our developers optimized everything so that page load times weren’t affected. We understand that attention to little details like these that have the ability to take a finished site from “good” to “wow”!