AboutThe Client


David Batao, Founder and CEO of Explore Ghana Tours is a native of Volta Region, Ghana. He has a degree in American literature and has worked as a teacher, a volunteer at Compassion International a Christian humanitarian aid child sponsorship organization and finally working with an established Ghanaian Tour company as a professional tour planner and office manager for years before deciding to open his own business.

David speaks three local languages in addition to English, French and a little bit of German. In addition to visiting all the ten regions of Ghana, He has been to some parts of West Africa and has interacted with many Westerns and has an excellent understanding of their cultural differences. When asked his favourite place to take guests to, he will gladly tell you the Volta Region with its beautiful nature of mountainous villages and waterfalls. He has experienced the available travel services and has a better understanding for the needs of travellers, the comfort and activities they expect.


About this project

The situation

The client had a legacy website that needed to be scaled up to handle an increase in web traffic and orders. Moreover, the administrative backend needed to support operational and marketing efforts, therefore a complete redesign seemed necessary.

What we did:

Team at iQuinceSoft worked on troubleshooting critical issues in the current website and worked on building a more scalable website. While a complete performance tuning was carried out to identify capacity bottlenecks, a sophisticated audit helped identify strategies to make the website more secure.

A report was provided with details of efforts, complexity, ROI and recommendation levels so that the customer can prioritize the activities related to performance tuning and security testing.


  • Resolved performance issues and improved the response time of the website by 30%.
  • Reduced website downtime by 96%.
  • Increased organic traffic by 180%
  • Enhanced inbound lead generation by 80%

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