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Our Story

Our story began with an ordinary person who is having a visionary dream. A dream to build a process oriented company that follows?ethical business practices where employees feel pride and customers get desired satisfaction every time. Our CEO Mr. Lakhendra Singh?while serving as Project Management Head observed various things, i.e. miscommunication between customer and technical team.?He also realized that the communication gap between employee and customer had severe consequences for both of them as employee couldn’t deliver the best outcome due to lack of understanding ?and eventually the customer was unsatisfied.

So he envisioned to establish a process oriented web and mobile app development agency powered by employee’s Head, Heart and Hands to serve customers better. Pulling this off however, was not a piece of cake because he belonged to a middle class Indian family and his dream to create the process oriented company was strained by a lot of hindrances, finance being the biggest of them. To arrange it he approached many banks, government institutions but ended up with no assistance from them. So could this stop him NO! instead it pushed him to make it happen. He rented a small apartment and inaugurated iQuinceSoft on 27th June 2012. Real hardships kicked in now, since iQuinceSoft was not a brand so no one wanted to be associated?as an employee and no customer wanted to do business. However he possessed the visionary approach and bent over backwards to add numerous associates and clients.

As the results of our constant efforts and being stick to our basics, finally we have succeeded in taking iQuinceSoft at the level where we have 50+ employees, served 1500+ customers, completed 3000+ projects. We not only believe in creating beautiful web and mobile app products but also in nourishing the environment around us for everything we get from it and our CEO Mr. Lakhendra Singh is lover of nature, so in his supervision we have planted 470?trees on different places. We will keep this up and encouraging people to do the same.

At present iQuinceSoft is being operated by the highly Creative Heads! – We ensure every bits and pieces of the web and mobile app solution delivered by us should reflect the user experience and values to customer business!. We have adopted Agile software development methods. As much as our unique approach and process is key to our business success, it’s our capability to execute and interface our best software development process to our customers’ needs that ensures trusted mutual business relationships.


iQuinceSoft’s tagline is Experience Creativity, Executed!. We believe that developing software solutions that hold up to the high level of standards by maintaining quality and performance are vital to our customers’ success.


The mission of iQuinceSoft is to be a global leader in providing IT-enabled business solutions and services.


The vision of iQuinceSoft is far sighted with the view to build long term clientele relationship establish a strong business field delivering high quality work. We also look to generate high employment opportunities and offer services economically.

CORE Values

Our success is derived from a deep understanding of our customer, to whom iQuinceSoft is committed to deliver excellent service and value. Satisfaction is the cause to create opportunities of business and prolong the existing business relationship. We assure our customers or clients to get back the same levels and standards in our repeated endeavors.

Quality Management

We emphasize on the improvement of quality to raise the standard of business. In modern competitive world it is only quality that persists. Right from the structure of a family to the resources of a business organization all key heads stress on quality as the fountain source of development.

Lakhendra Singh

Lakhendra Singh

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Pankaj Singh

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Ajay Pratap Singh

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Kenneth Walton


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