4 key elements every wordpress business website must have.


A business website succeeds or fails depending on its features. For example, you can’t expect to woo customers without telling them what you do, showing them who they’ll be working with, or giving them an easy way to contact you. This seems obvious, but you might be surprised at the number of company websites that don’t include such basic information. In this article, we’ll talk about what makes for an excellent WordPress business website. Then we’ll introduce you to four elements that your business site should include, and provide you with guidance about how to add each of them. Let’s get down to business!

Four key elements to an outstanding WordPress business website.

1. An excellent WordPress business theme

WordPress themes enable you to get professional websites up and running quickly, thanks to a combination of pre-built layouts and other powerful features. There are themes out there for almost every field of business you can imagine, and even a few multi-purpose options that can be adapted to suit your needs.
Often, your best bet will be to opt for a theme that’s tailored to your area of business, since those tend to offer the most specific features. For example, a restaurant business theme might include built-in menu functionality you can take advantage of. To put it another way, you want to pick a theme that looks great and showcases what’s best about your company and the services you offer. Picking the right theme can be complicated, especially since there are both free and premium options available. The latter often offer more features and better support, which makes them a solid choice if you’re willing to put in a small investment.

For the best possible results, you’ll want to check out some advice on how to pick a great theme. When you’re ready to start looking, you’ll probably want to limit your search to reputable theme repositories, such as WordPress.org.

2. An overview of what your business offers

The first thing you’ll want to do once you’ve set up your theme is introduce your visitors to what your business offers. For example, what services do you provide, and how can your clients benefit from them?That last part is of particular importance. After all, your WordPress business website is essentially a way for you to promote your company. The best way to do that isn’t by talking too much about yourself, but by focusing on what you can do for your customers and clients. There are several ways to go about including this information.

3. A showcase of your team members

At this stage, your website should have the perfect business theme and include as much information as necessary about your services. Now it’s time to get a bit more personal, and offer some details about your team:

Even if you’re running a one or two-man operation, it’s important to put faces and names to the services you provide. This is a small detail, but it can help encourage potential customers to trust you more, and maybe even nudge them towards signing a contract with you.

Fortunately, WordPress provides you with plenty of ways to display your team in all its glory. For example, you can use the Team plugin to create a dedicated team section for your website, including short biographies and links to social media. This isn’t the only team section plugin available, but it offers an impressive amount of customization options. Plus, adding new team members is remarkably simple, which is something you’ll appreciate as your company grows in size.

4. An easy way to contact you

Once you’ve given your potential customers information on your services and team members to get them interested, you want to make sure that those interested customers can…actually contact you!
Yup – if you want your WordPress business website to be a success, you should add a contact form. Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy to do.


A professional business website isn’t just about providing you with an online presence. It can also be an asset when it comes to convincing new clients and customers to jump on board, and it lets visitors know that you’re serious about your work. We at iQuinceSoft has experts for wordpress websites, they can help you get awesome online presence at a price that would surprise you, contact us today for a free quote.